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Hi all, I was able to setup the "regular" activites on my Harmony 880 with my components without a hitch (Watch PVR, Watch DVD, Listen to Radio, Listen to CD) However, I'm trying to create the following Activities (or macros) on my Harmony 880 /w my Denon 4308CI: - Listen to Ipod *Denon receiver supports this /w Denon dock - Listen to Internet Radio *Denon receiver supports this - Listen to Streaming Music (from my PC/ server) *Denon receiver supports...
Question: 1. a)I have a townhouse, so not a lot of room for a sub, what are the main differences in sound from 8, 10, 12 and 15" subs? b) Will an 8" or 10" sub suffice? I am Looking for a subwoofer: Main use: Movies Sub Size: 8 - 10 max Box dimensions: compact Cost: $200 - $800 Amp: Denon 4308CI I look forward to your suggestions! Thanks for the help!
Overall I'm quite happy with the 4308. Enhancement: Itunes streaming capabilities (I hate WMP).
Is the Denon 4308ci direct competition? How will they compare?
Or build it into your reciever...
Bump - I'm curious about the wireless lan too. Anyone know?
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