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14.41 feet from lens to screen (exactly 11 feet wide) is the closest you could do.
As I mentioned before the sliders do work, but as many others have reported, changing them does absolutely nothing.
E-shift does but the MPC controls don't.
Mode 2 and the MPC controls don't currently work on any current generation JVC model. You can adjust the slider for each setting but it doesn't actually do anything. They'll have to be re-enabled via another firmware update.
I think other have said it better, but it doesn't seem to be a good time to jump into 4K. The standards are still up in the air, there's very little content other than stuff Sony has a monopoly on, and if they brought a 4K unit to market it's probably going to be in a price range most wouldn't consider anyways. I personally hope to see a 4K unit from them this fall, but wouldn't be surprised if it turns out they don't.
Yeah this was, and still is, an issue with the .95"DLP DMD. Almost all of the projectors that used it had fairly limited lens shift and zoom capabilities due to the much larger surface area that it has over current consumer SXRD and DILA chips. This is one of the more attractive attributes the .65" DMD has. Otherwise larger oversized optics are needed for anything bigger than these ~.7" chips used in consumer projectors if you want decent lens shift and zoom capabilities.
Yes but they are sized for far larger, professional cinema , lenses. Their current 4K chip is 1.27". Good luck getting any lens shift if we're to use optics as small as we find on most home theater projectors.
I believe only certain ISPs have access to it and you need to have enough bandwidth for it as well. It kicks in automatically when you enable HD. I'm not sure if it tells you superHD is on or not.
No offense to Best Buy salesmen but I'd make a wager most of them know nothing about projectors past what they read from the box or manual. Both Mike and Craig could run circles around Best Buy employees in a conversation about projectors.
That's actually what I was talking about. I'm saying a 1080p version would most likely be on a separate disc, not on the same disc as the 4K transfer. Regarding the 3D Blu-rays; I'm simply saying, based on how they are written to the disc, there is ALWAYS an option for 2D playback. I should specify that more as I'm an avid HTPC user and advocate so this makes my experience on the matter quite different compared to the very linear and directed experience of those who only...
New Posts  All Forums: