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The throughput is a hardware limitation, not a software one. To get the 1000ES/1100ES or the 500ES/600ES to a 18.2gbps throughput level would necessitate another hardware upgrade and I would put money on it that something like this will not happen. I also doubt the new 4K Blu-ray standard will need the full spec throughput anyways. It's more than likely the throughput inside both Sony 4K machines will suffice.
I don't know if they still stock them or are able to order them, but AVScience only sells authentic genuine replacement bulbs. Give Mike or Craig a call.
It's a 2D only projector.
Thanks for your opinion. I hate to say I told everyone so, but.......Optoma has NEVER been one to bring value to market in terms of PQ at basically any price point other than the sub $1000 market. I've had a number of Optoma projectors and none of them have ever made me say "Now that's a great picture". I'm just glad I didn't have to waste my money again to check this one out.If they were to bring this projector to around $1500-$2000 I think it would make for a better...
That port is for remote control commands.
So if I'm understanding the translation properly, there's particularly bad native contrast, even for DLP, and the "DI" is the worst implementation you've seen on any projector so far reviewed?
Why would TI decide to implement this? They aren't the ones developing light paths and manufacturing them. Sure, they've released a few white papers to give some understanding to engineers on what kinds of possibilities are available to them when designing a projector, but I don't see any reason why TI would have some kind of issue with a company trying to implement a set up like this. It would be a very high end projector that would separate itself enough from the cheaper...
Are you using a null modem cable?
Up for sale is a Panamorph UH480 Anamorphic lens which represents one of Panamorph's current high end anamorphic lenses that they sell. This unit is a b-stock lens and has a small chip on the bottom left hand corner, which is WELL out of the light path. It has been covered with black silicone. The lens and housing is in otherwise perfect condition. I'm only selling because I've recently got a great deal on the far more expensive ISCO III lens. This is a chance to own one...
Good to hear you're still of that opinion. My X500 should arrive Thursday. I'm excited to check it out! Is the JVC you have a review unit still or your own personal unit?
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