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If this is a dedicated home theater space, ditch the paint and use fabric on the walls. It's far better st absorbing light. Check out the dedicated home theater building subforum for ideas.
I use the e-star glasses and emitter with my X90. It works flawlessly.
This is a common problem with all lamps, not just ones from JVC. What's causing the issue is electricity arcs and this causes fluctuations in brightness aka flickering. As previously mentioned, run the lamp in high lamp mode for a bunch of hours and the issue should resolve itself.
I may have found one And that's why I defended my position for owning the PD8150 instead of a newer JVC for so long. Other than absolute contrast they are fantastic units.
Imagine how much better it would look with a DC4 DMD.
That is a scam website. I tried purchasing another projector and my money was refunded. I would imagine the site owner is hoping people pay through one of the offered services that the buyer can't get a refund back from. Because I used Paypal he refunded my money.
There was only one firmware update for the PD8150 and it lists:There wasn't an update to the DI software or algorithms as far as I'm aware unless it occurred before the projectors went retail. There may have been changes to pre-production samples that some reviewers got but as far as retail/production units go, that was the only software change put out.
I think Kris's second unit had an "issue" with the DI where it was closing more than others which is why he was getting such high numbers the second time through. There was never any kind of major upgrade to the unit that would make for a several thousand number difference in contrast. The fixed aperture was the only "update" that I'm aware of and that was implemented VERY early on. Bob Williams told me there were some minor updates to the LS-5, but as you can see from...
I realize you don't like AVForums because they have a bias towards JVC instead of another other brands. Why were you perfectly fine trying to use quotes from the same person (through AVSForum) and now it's somehow wrong to quote them when it helps me prove a point? Yes, you aren't guaranteed a perfect sample, but your chances of getting a unit with something like bad lens quality or DILA panels that have bright corners or dead pixels or something like that will...
I would definitely take the X500 if I knew it had a good lens sample over the X90. That's the one good thing you know about the X90 or other top tier models. There's no gamble involved. It's the most provocative feature the X90 has.
New Posts  All Forums: