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Did you import it?
Wouldn't it be the buyer who feels unsafe in an ebay transaction?
Sometimes Projector Central has incorrect lens throw ratios, so I'd double check, but this is a good calculator to play with for figure out where you can place your projector in relation to your screen size: http://www.projectorcentral.com/Sony-VPL-HW55ES-B-projection-calculator-pro.htm
Is it 106" diagonal or 106" wide? If it's 106" wide it will work from 17 feet, but if it's 106" diagonal it won't work and will need to be placed closer to the screen by about a foot.
I decided to buy an X500. I've been hearing so many good things about this years models I just had to check it out. I have my X90 up for sale on ebay currently, I just hope I get the X500 before I have to ship it out. I want to be able to spend at least one evening with the two side by side so I can get a decent look at the performance difference.
over $20,000
In the DLP world I think there needs to be some HUGE advances in light engine design. Other than Sim2 no one seems to be doing this. Sim2, with DLP, have created light engines that can produce a measured 8000:1 native contrast with full brightness. The next best out there is around 3000:1. Add in a well tuned DI and were talking about DLP being competitive with LCOS again. That's a good place to start I think....For around $6000 I think another company could get away with...
Personally speaking I don't think 3D transforms the movie watching experience but when done right it definitely adds a little extra to the movie. In these cases I dont mind watching the 3D version. But unfortunately not every 3D movie is like this.
They're scaling 1080p though. It's really apples and oranges. Most of the video processing on the Sony machines happens before the image is scaled. This is why a ton of functionality is dialsabled on the Sony's when they receive a 4K input. The saving grace I suppose is that hardware placed inside these displays is designed from the ground up to do a specific video processing task and the software is also fine tuned for that specific hardware. Hopefully I'm wrong and they...
New Posts  All Forums: