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I would definitely take the X500 if I knew it had a good lens sample over the X90. That's the one good thing you know about the X90 or other top tier models. There's no gamble involved. It's the most provocative feature the X90 has.
It seems he's using a DPI M-Vision Cine LED. That's a HUGE screen for that projector.
Is there an equipment list anywhere for the theater?
Most people take two pictures with the camera in the same place. Take one photo with the lights on and the other with the lights off. Then all you need to do is cut out the portion of the image where the screen is in with the lights out and paste it over the screen in the image with the lights on. It's a fairly simple process.
According to this he mentions the X90 gets the top 2% of components at around 1 minute in. I'm not sure how else they'd do it. It seems like looking at each individual projector that comes off the line would be just as infeasible when only 2% would make the cut. Not to mention the X90 without doubt gets some extra hardware internally to get that extra 40000:1 contrast. Unless the top 2% of the DILA panels, lenses, and wire grid polarizers can be combined to give an extra...
I would imagine they QC certain parts and set the top 5-10% that are closest to specification aside for top tier models. Lenses, wire grid polarizers, DILA panels, other parts to the optical block, ect. Things that make for better contrast and overall PQ. But this is just my guess.
I'm not saying they "lied" but simply stated something that wasn't necessarily true. Lying means they consciously knew it wasn't true and said it anyways. I don't think that's the case and that this is just an error that made it through their editorial process. That's the only instance I've seen anyone make a claim that the X90 (or other top tier model) has better convergence compared to the average JVC projector. Going off of my X90 I can say the X55R and X3 I had before...
That isn't an "official" statement from someone at JVC. I also read that a while back and they are the only reviewer to make that claim.
I haven't seen any official statement on better convergence on the X90 or other top tier model from them.
The lens is hand picked as well.
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