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You may want to reconsider the size of the screen. Unless you plan on using a high gain screen don't expect a very bright image from either JVC projector. Both max out at around 950 lumens.
I really think it depends on what price you can get the X90 for. The one thing you don't get with the X500 is hand picked parts. Now I know that may not mean a lot for some but I can say first hand that it does indeed make a visual difference in regards to overall PQ. I've owned 6 JVC projectors now and I can confidently say that lens quality on all 6 has been hit or miss. The X90 definitely has the best lens sample out of all 6. It can clearly delineate pixels better than...
They're purchased online, not through a dealer. They ship them from Japan which means you don't get a warranty if you live outside of Japan. Please use some common sense and search for such services through Google. The url is banned from use on the forum so don't ask for it.
I sold an LED projector to someone in China and it sat in customs for almost 6 weeks before it was finally released. It's quite strange that it sits there for so long. It was shipped via FedEx.
The lens sled looks like a rebadged Panamorph. I'd contact Marantz just to make sure.
That isn't what I said. With the DI engaged Darin measured white luminance levels (on white pixels) to be 14% brighter with that mid apl shot even though the two units were "brightness matched". Many attribute the DI implementation, which causes this difference, to give the image higher image dynamics and 3D feel. I'd be glad to quote those posts where they said there was better image dynamics and 3D feel if you'd like me to.
According to many it makes for quite a visual difference on the Sony. I believe the words "dynamic" and "3D" have been dropped several times.
It would seem like a huge waste of time to just throw out all your effort thus far when you'd only need to spend a little more time with another unit to confirm your findings. I'm sure there is a forum member local to you or at least one dealer around where you can go and test a few things for an hour. I think you really just want to test out the DI, correct? It seems like an awful shame if you can't take a look at another unit just to confirm what you're seeing is due to...
I think the two biggest exciting features of CRT is motion resolution (it's best you can get today) and absolute contrast and black level performance (with some gamma tweaking). Though there are some pretty big hurdles already mentioned by Mike. I haven't owned one but having to manually adjust the convergence fairly often seems like a task, they're not very bright which will almost necessitate a fairly high gain screen is you want a 120" image, they have very low ANSI...
I see two sides to this. If the DI implementation on the Sony does indeed make the image brighter (or certain parts) does that mean the Sony has the better image? You could simply say that the DI on the Sony does a better job with PQ compared to the JVC because it makes the image look brighter (ie better). Going off of what Darin said, it looks like the Sony is 14% brighter with it's white luminance in that shot with the LG logo. I'm sure it differs from shot to shot, but...
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