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I think higher brightness doesn't always mean better perceived sharpness. If two lenses are close in resolving power then brightness may indeed push one over the edge to look sharper. I can think of several cheaper projectors that were very bright but still failed to look as sharp and compelling as something like my old VP-15S1, XV-Z20000, PD8150 or even the X90 I have now. Most people on this forum aren't looking to compare projectors so it's important to find the right...
But for someone who writes reviews how do you tell someone what the positive attributes are? Everyone is going to have a different room, screen material, screen size, ect. Brightness matching seems to be the best way to stay objective when making performance claims. It's only when brightness matched that you can say definitively that Projector A is truly sharper than Projector B or Projector A has certain color attributes over Projector B. I do see your point about trying...
Are you referring to an illusion like this? For those who aren't familiar A and B are actually the same shade of grey.
If you're looking at a projector for your personal room or if you're curious to see what an image might look like in your room at a particular brightness then it's perfectly fine to say "this projector is better for me." But for the purpose of comparison, a projector with a higher brightness can skew results and make one think that the brighter projector has better optics or better color saturation because brightness plays a role in how we perceive sharpness and color...
So if we were to use e-shift could we then add a Darblet to make up for some of the lost sharpness after scaling?
I'm saying for the sake of comparing sharpness, you should look at native sharpness of the lens without additional "smart sharpeners" like RC or a darblet. This is what Kris did the first night and he didn't see a difference in sharpness between the two. Then he added RC and saw a difference. But does that truly make it sharper? Are we saying that we can't add a Darblet to the JVC to give it a feature that it lacks to make the comparison between the two fair again?
RC is basically "external processing" though.
I asked Darin to give an explanation of what he saw that first night and he basically said his findings were the same as Kris's. That night they didn't see the same big difference others are seeing. Kris then enabled RC and saw better sharpness on the Sony but once the JVC had a Darbee it closed the gap again. So the two comparisons between them are still pretty different.
What I don't understand is how two sets of people with the same projectors can see two totally different things?
We accept that you think the Sony is better, we just don't agree. This will be one of those never ending arguments. I think it comes down to what people prefer in an image. There's no changing that so lets stop arguing. Both are great projectors.
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