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It would take just as little time to fix it on an HTPC. Considering the issue was with your source components and individual input settings I don't see how you can be hating on HTPCs because that issue wouldn't be there unless you manually made changes and even if the issue was there you can easily change the brightness, contrast, create custom RGB black levels (apart from the two standard ones), create custom gamma curves, and calibrate a display with the built in CMS,...
Do you realize how many units JVC sells a year? A lot more than you probably think. So when you hear a couple bad stories about a few units that broke down you're completely turned off by the product as a whole? Take a step back and realize that by far and large most of the time people who aren't having issues with their product (ie the vast majority of owners) do not post in a thread like this. So yes, while there are plenty of issues people had with their units in this...
The light engines aren't vacuum sealed, ie they aren't air tight so dust can still get in. They're "sealed" by gaskets usually which makes it difficult for foreign objects to get in, but not impossible.
There's even a free 5.25" bay to load a blu-ray drive into.
You can use MadVR in XBMC. There's a simple workaround that allows you to use MPC-HC as the default media player within XBMC. That's how I have it set up and it's seamless. There's a few guides on the XBMC forums on how to set it up properly. You can have the best of both worlds.
You can ceiling mount the projector like in your diagram, but you won't get all the potential gain that the screen is capable of. There are high gain angular reflective screens out there, but most of them have a ton of "sparklies" or some other obnoxious screen coating that most would think is unacceptable.
I think you'd have fun learning another expensive hobby. Then you could build an impressive PC to go along with your impressive home theater.Doesn't this look like fun?
You might as well get a Da-Lite High Power screen. This way you can close down the iris on the JVC and open it up gradually as you put more hours on the lamp. For 3D, the screen will give a nice bump in brightness to which ever projector you choose to take care of your 3D content. The one caveat is that the material is retroreflective, so you'll want to shelf mount the projectors as close as possible to screen center for maximum gain. Your viewing position should follow...
You're going to have to be careful as air coolers designed to cool overclocked CPU are quite large. Most of the highly recommended ones won't fit into something as small and compact as a Shuttle case. I'm currently water cooling my 3770k (at 4.8ghz) but before that I had a HUGE Thermalright HSF on top of a i7 920 that took up a ton of volume within my full ATX case. If you want to go with something as compact as a Shuttle case make sure you get a low profile cooler. Make...
No, but you could always buy an ND filter if you're worried about high brightness.
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