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If he can plug in his power cord, he'll have enough room to plug that in and bend the cable. I know because I keep my X55R snug up against the wall on my shelf and use an EStar emitter that uses a long cord to connect the emitter.
Yeah, this is a common "issue" with three chip projectors, but is perfectly normal. Some projectors have issues with focus changing after a warm up period too. These are all issues that should be considered within the acceptable range. You can't change physics.
I'd be very interested in hearing your impressions between the 4810 and the 500ES. I currently have a JVC DLA-X55R which is the pro version of the 4810. I'm particularly interested in hearing your thoughts on image sharpness, contrast performance between the two, and motion handling.
You're going to find your PC setup more enjoyable on those non exclusive PS4 titles.
I think it was nvidia only and from what I know it's been fixed. Though I think the issue was forcing either 0-255 or 16-235 so when you chose one in nvidia's control panel nothing would change. Media players like MPC-HC have their own RGB black level control options so the issue wasn't a big deal for media playback.
My old Planar PD8150 will have similar performance and it's the best overall DLP image I've seen and subjectively on it's own it looks great, but when next to my X55R the extra brightness and contrast was readily apparent. I'm going to have to assume when he has the images right next to each other it's going to be a similar situation.
You're going to need something brighter than that model for an image that large for 3D. This would put out an image just bright enough for a 2D image. For a bright enough 3D image you'll want to have something considerably brighter. Normally we discuss home theater projectors that light screens up to around 150" diagonal so this topic is out of most peoples' wheelhouses who post here, but I'm sure someone can give you some brighter alternatives to choose from.
Any normal human being shouldn't be able to see RBE on this projector I think in it's own room, on it's own screen the Cine 1000 will look awesome and subjectively won't leave a ton desired when it comes to brightness and contrast, but once you how much better the Sony is in both regards while the two images are next to each other, I think you'll learn to appreciate how great the Sony is. A lot of people have a misconception that the LEDs do something magical to the...
What aspect ratio is that screen? That screen you list is 88 square feet which is relatively large and the JVCs are no where near bright enough to fill that screen.
Contrast on the Sony with the DI off is going to be about twice as much as the Cine 1000 with it's DI on. The lens on the Cine 1000 is nice, but the lens on the Sony are even better. Personally I don't think the Cine 1000 has a chance against the Sony 1000ES for overall picture quality, even when the DI is turned off.
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