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The following 3 photos show the difference between the $69 Genie and the $184 Lamp from PureLandSupply The more expensive bulb is on the right. You can see heavier gauge wire is used. There is an OEM sticker on it and the workmanship of the solder seems better. This one is also a cheap bulb but I don't know who sold it. It was about $59 from Amazon. I sent it back without installing because it was obviously defectively installed in the housing.
There is a button on the remote to adjust the aspect ratio or maybe it says picture size. You should cycle through those modes to find the one that fits/looks best.
To follow up:I bought two bulbs from Amazon. One was the Genie and the other was a no name for about $64. The no name bulb was obviously installed incorrectly in the housing so I sent it back. The Genie has worked well for the last few hours but I'm not happy with the image color and brightness using my same settings. I was happy with using x.v. color mode with the OEM bulb but now I have to use Dynamic. It looks good though. BTW I tried using Auto Iris in normal and fast...
There are two adjustment rings around the lens. One is for focus. The other is for size. You should adjust the size with the test pattern on (lowest left button on the white Epson remote) and then center the image with the up/down, right/left adjustment wheels.
I don't know. I find price is not all that great an indicator of quality these days. Nobody has addresses this lens question. I wonder if it is a critical part of the equation or just a simple way to diffuse the light.
The question remains. Can one save by buying JUST the bulb and not the whole housing? Also, What about the lens associated with the housing? How important is that lens for image quality?
Don't let this happen to you. So my 13 year old like to play Minecraft on the PS3 which is hooked up to my 8350. I generally don't let them play games on it because I don't want to wear out the bulb any sooner than necessary. Anyway I relented and let her play a few days ago. Today my older, more responsible son wanter to play on it but couldn't get the projector to come on. When I investigated I found the flashing red bulb light. My bulb was history. What happened? How...
Finally! But in the mean time I've been waiting I've been exploring other options. I will probably decide between Simple. TV and the DVR+. I still have the 7000 PAL but am very frustrated with the lack of guide information.
Due to the nature of hardware becoming obsolete so quickly, I'd like opinions on this hard drive as a 1TB replacement drive for my CM-7000 Western Digital WD AV-GP WD10EURX 1TB IntelliPower 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive Bare Are there better choices out there?
I agree that it is not optimal so I bought a remotely read thermometer. The cabinet starts at about 72 but only raises up to about 95 degrees. I was surprised it didn't get hotter. Now I wonder if that is really going to be a problem.
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