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Anyone found this for sale yet? Can't find it anywhere.
Anyone know anywhere still selling this at a respectable price?
Would kill for this but a little outside my budge :-( Good luck with the sale.
Why the heck would I want to be controversial? I didn't drop a couple grand on a projector and get it shipped to New Zealand to NOT like it. It isnt like there is a huge resale market here either to sell it on if I got it with the pre conceived notion of not liking it.
Tried different sources. PS3, PS4, HDTV, PC. None of them look smooth, or have that same pop of my previous Benq W7000. Tried different inputs, cables etc.
Anyone know anywhere still selling this projector for under $1k? People on eBay still asking high $2k
120" sitting about 12 feet back.
Picked up the 5010 couple weeks back. So far haven't been impressed with it at all. Pixel fill, as I was warned, is rubbish, it's just so noticeable. Getting rid of and going back to trusty DLP
Is this actually available anywhere?
Seems somewhat pointless. Why not increase the bitrate for 1080p shows? or 720p with HD audio?
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