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Ahhhh, fantastic. I am no longer mentally distracted when looking at your pics lol
Mother of god, those speakers are gorgeous. I am scared to know what that cost after converting to NZD
Dam dude. That must have been one big rock you've been living under for 7-8 years?
Nice set up man. One question, does the light leaking under the door distract you when watching? Being in my line of sight when watching a movie would drive me bonkers.
Fantastic room buddy. Elegant and simple. Love it.
I think that's what's being hinted at in the reviews. There isn't one.
Shyte dude. You're undertaken a heck of a task here. Subscribed and looking forward to watching the progress.
Arts opinion on the 5010 vs the 5020http://www.projectorreviews.com/epson/epson-home-cinema-5020-competitors-6/#epson-home-cinema-5020-vs-epson-home-cinema-5010And then the 5030 vs the 5020http://www.projectorreviews.com/epson/epson-home-cinema-5030ub-competitors-2/#epson-home-cinema-5030-ub-vs-epson-home-cinema-5020ub
Awesome. Look forward to the pictures.
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