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I have 905 and 607. I really like both overall. Things I dislike (both unless otherwise specified): HDMI switching lag time Firmware upgradability (horrible process) GUI looks like DOS Poor Reon implementation in the 905 Lack of simultaneous HDMI outputs in the 905 Units run very hot. Not cabinet friendly. More optical inputs
I was planning to replace my PS3 with the Dune B1 for Blu-ray and audio. I was going to put my old PS3 on eBay once the Dune arrived, but now I may have to keep it. I will run some tests as it may not be noticeable on my gear. I run everything through HDMI to my Onkyo 905 7.1 setup and video to my Epson PJ (soon to be replaced by a JVC RS50u).
My unit has been working flawlessly so far. It's one of the first units that were made. My 905 sits on top of my AV cabinet, so it gets plenty of air. Heat and voltage spikes kill electronics.
Do you think heat could have caused the problem? Did you leave it on and found it frozen when your tried to use it? Or did it froze during playback? Can you elaborate more?
Instead of having streamers/components for several rooms why not baluns? I have my HT projector, 42" LCD in the office, 65" plasma in the Living Rooms, and 50" plasma in my bedroom, and I use baluns thru CAT6 with a matrix switch connected to all my gear in my HT. My Dune B1 (when it arrives) will go to the last of the 4 inputs on the switch, so I can watch it in any place of the house. My wife loves the setup specially because there are no wires visible and all the TVs...
Thanks guys, I will give it a shot. Sounds like a nice project to check out.
I have only backed up my blu-rays. Does reencoding the audio to FLAC take considerable longer time than backing up? Any good and simple software product that will do the copying and reencoding in one single shot without synching issues or lost of quality? I would like to experiment FLAC on my Dune B1 (when it comes).
Isn't Zappiti French? I read that France is all screwed up from the strikes... maybe the developers are on strike too and they are now outsourcing the work to some other country
I have not used either one since this will be my first Dune unit. I have been playing with DuneX which is a Mac front end. So far so good. The application is still work in progress, so I modified a few things in the app's XML file to label my movies a bit cleaner. I'll have to test it once my B1 arrives, so it may be a while I prefer to stay away from Windows, so I am hoping DuneX does the trick.
Thanksgiving is still a month+ away. I was hoping they have the whole smart series stocked by the end of this month. Come on Duneplayer, you can do it.
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