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I have a RS50 and a 4810. I've had 2 Epsons prior to the JVCs. No matter what model and brand you get, all projectors will have some sort of "issue". To me it's all about calibrating and enjoying what you have while you have it.
Thanks. For a JVC RS4810, living room setup, mostly dim to dark (night viewing) with some off axis lighting. What screen material do you recommend? Also, is the iPhone app light meter any good to give you the measurements? Any demo rooms in the Miami-Ft Lauderdale Area?
What are the standard sizes of the motorized?
Someone on a previous post mentioned it. Never mind. Excellent news about your results. 10Ft/L is not that bad. My older RS55 was about the same. Your call is now what will make you happier: a dimmer but balanced image or a brighter not so balanced image. JVCs are well known for having a great picture but always a tad dim; reason why JVCs should me paired up with a high gain screen. I use a 1.3 gain 92" screen. No complaints here.
I think the difference between the 4810 and 4910 has nothing to do with you are reporting. Here are few observations:Loosing a bit of light to get the proper gamma (and overall calibration) is expected when you calibrate PJs. It is really a trade-off. How much light are you willing to compromise to obtain accurate colors and gamma is up to you. If you have a completely light controlled room as you have stated, it should not be an issue. BTW, what kind of screen do you...
I have always wondered about claims like these ones. I don't have access to a commercial reference projector or TV for that matter. What exactly am supposed to see when properly calibrating my displays is to me a best educated guess scenario. The latter premise is of course after all settings have been mathematically calibrated according to calibration guidelines and software. Images you see in forums like the ones posted have no meaning since the images are displayed on...
You setup is optimal. Can you share your calibration graphs/reports? is it mainly flat at 1.5, or is it going all over the place? My JVC 4810 is still in a box. I need to finish up my setup. However, if I recall correctly (I calibrated it before moving down to FLA) the unit gave me a pretty steady curve. I used my radiance xe to fine tune just a few spots.
How are you placing your meter? How bright/dim is your room? How far away you are taking measurements?
I liked my RS50u quite a bit. It just needs to be calibrated a bit more often. However, if you are not very picky, you will not even notice the light change over time. The latest gen bulbs are supposed to be quite an improvement.
JVCs (I have 2) are indeed centered lens projectors; however, I found them not to be as flexible to position them as say Epsons. The main drawback IMO is that the JVCs can't be too high with respect to the screen. I am guessing it is challenging to keep the image geometry correct after a certain angle. Nevertheless, it is still a workable height range. As for the grain, yes, if you don't tweak the MPC settings (or turn it off), your picture may look way too grainy; I am...
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