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Saw IM3 in IMAX 3D when it came out on the big screen. This was the worst of the 3 by far. Don't think I'll be buying this one. I loved IM1 and really liked IM2. Just seems IM3 was not up to par. Hopefully they dont screw up the avengers sequels.
Thanks.. It does sound like a PITA to have to do a total reset like that. I guess I'll have to do it tho unfortunately. At least that will all be on my time and not taking others time away like it is now when I have people over and watching. Its a sad state of affairs though to have to do such a thing.
Hey guys, I bought my W7000 last October, been using it since about December, and I am now starting to have problems with the iris closing and the picture going black. Only thing that fixes it is turning the projector off then back on again. Sometimes I have to do this several times. Huge PITA and very embarrasing with company there. I remember this was a known issue that happened to a few back last year, but I was wondering if anyone has had any experiance with a fix for...
Thanks Djoel, I'l give that a try. How do you do a system reset?
Ive had this receiver less than a year (been using it for less than 6 months) and I first started having issues with the video cutting out intermittently and frequently- especially during 3D movies. I am using an Oppo BDP-103 and a BenQ W7000 (both are also less than a year old and been using all for less than 6 months). So, I had plugged the projector directly into the Blu-Ray player and that seemed to cure the video cutting out issue. Luckily the Oppo has 2 HDMI outputs....
Added more to my list: http://www.avsforum.com/lists/display/view/id/31336
Added to mine. Still have a ways to go, but here is what I have so far: http://www.avsforum.com/lists/display/view/id/31336
Started my list. I guess I have a lot of uncommon gear since most of it was not in there. I'll have to add them manually I suppose. At least I'm entered into the competition now link: http://www.avsforum.com/lists/display/view/id/31336
So, the buzzing sound did follow the woofer, which is what HSU suspected it was. They definitely are taking care of me. They issued an RMA # and are going to send me a new woofer as soon as I send this one back to them. Top notch customer service! Seriously some of the best I have ever encountered. Thanks HSU!
I have. Instructions now are to swap the woofers between the subs and see if the noise follows the woofer. If not, I am going to swap the amps and see if the noise follows the amp. If at that point, the noise is still in the cabinet, it must be the cabinet. I did not get a chance to do that last night, but I am going to do this tonight as soon as I get home from work.The feet are not installed. I have the subs sitting directly on Auralex GRAMMA isolators. I have tried...
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