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The reason you get crosstalk when not aligned with the center of the screen, as I understand it, is the pattern of an FPR filter that is applied to the screen doesn't line up with the horizontal pixel lines that alternately carry the left and right eye images using reversed polarization. The left and right eye images are therefore jumbled up. The solution of tilting the screen mentioned above is very workable. Sitting up and/or lying down isn't likely to work unless...
You've got to be kidding with this statement. Every reviewer or the most rabid defenders of passive admit there are scan lines. If you don't go along with that there is no way to argue with you. You argue that given enough distance the lines aren't visible. With this statement you're saying they don't exist at all. That's just crazy.
No the lighting flickers not the screen, because the frequency of the lighting reacts with the glasses. You can turn off fluorescent lights.
No, you can't notice the black screen at any distance. The same as you can't notice the black screen with 1080i.But, you can notice the black lines brought about by polarization of every other line, usually at close distance, for some it can be at any distance.This is by definition lower resolution.450p DVD resolution with enough distance can look high definition, That doesn't make it high definition.
Besides "pressing the button" you have to "put on the polarized glasses". That's what blacks out every other line.Please watch this.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETc3Ep3wcEkAnd read this.http://www.hometheater.com/content/closer-look-active-vs-passive-3d-flat-panelsIf these don't convince you you are beyond convincing.
Wrong, passive 3D requires glasses.
I am still excited about 3D and prefer to watch it. I wish services like Netflix would have all 3D movies available. I would rent all that are available and any new ones, even if the movies wouldn't interest me in 2D. I've purchased a collection of 3D blurays. Previously my policy was not to purchase movies when I could rent them. If availability was equal I would always go 3D. I have an Active display and would not change that. The reasons have been hashed over...
I really appreciate the fact that eweiss was so unbiased that someone thought he was an active display fan. We need more of this on both sides. I agree, "darker glasses and flicker (cross-talk?)",are legitimate problems. When I got my un55c8000 Samsung in 2010 I was upset with crosstalk. The problem has diminished since then, with updated firmware, Monster glasses and a new top of the line 3D player. That said, when I see some of the 3D Demos on LG displays they do...
In my opinion the reduced resolution would not be a problem at that distance. If the display is in the 55" range, 8' - 9' would probably be fine. I've never argued that passive is not a good 3D experience. I'm sure it's the way displays will be in the future. The technology improves every year. I only have a problem with 1080p claims started by LG.
"This can be seen when you remove the 3D glasses, the black lines disappear and all 1080 lines are used." This is a direct although partial quote from tomtastic. To me it says it all. conversely If 3D glasses are left on the black lines are there. 1080p even so called perceived has no black lines, glasses on or off.
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