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First thing is to take your time. Since you are new at this, I would definitely remove the dust cap in order to align the coil in the gap. When you get the surrounds we can go step by step. Get dust caps also. Keep cranking, Robert
2 doors down is a lot of sound. If that is really how you want it, make sure you do not rush to buy anything before you make some real decisions on what you need.Keep cranking,Robert
The first song I played through my LMS cabinets was "Low Rider" by WAR. I will say that the bass was just intense from the first shot, and I was running the cabinet on a single channel of a QSC RMX 2450. I was hoping that would be the case with your build. Hopefully, you get things ironed out. Good luck! Keep cranking, Robert
Have you tried giving them the juice with some bass heavy music yet just to see the output potential?
So, how are the sub working out? Any SPL numbers or ear to ear smiles yet? Keep cranking, Robert
Any luck on the system yet? Keep cranking, Robert
Are the bass shakers mounted or just sitting there on a table or something? Also, are you listening to 2 channel music or 5.1 movies?Plug the cd player to the sony and connect the shalers to the speaker outputs and see what happens. Bypass the Onkyo altogether just to test.Keep cranking,Robert
Before you go further how are the cables for the cabinets wired to the amp. Did you buy them are make them? If speakon, they have to be wired for bridged
Remember that they are wired differently for bridge and stereo Just use the banana jacks on the amp and go to the cabs and let it go. Then we can work on one thing at a time.
How do you have the speakons wired if you are using them?
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