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You are only going to end up a few more Decibels with the extra power.
I drove my LMS cabs off of a 200 watt amp and they are in 8 ohms it will work
Just put the switches to stereo mode and run the amp with the gains at about 12 o'clock to start and turn audessey off.. Set the LFE to 0 and see what happens. Then manually adjust the amp to how you like it while playing some really nice music and see how your cabinets sound
Well, to see if the cabs are doing what they are designed for, hook it up in stereo on one amp and let it rip. then, we can kick out ideas about the bridge after you smile wide for a while .the one amp will be fine to test
The Everest is one of the best looking systems I have ever seen. It looks very intimidating and I bet it performs very admirably. Keep cranking, Robert
So, bridged amp for each cabinet?
Good to hear you are getting fired up. I would just give the amp a go with it going stereo and see what happens. Then you can work on getting amps going in bridged mode. It will be fine as long as the signal is good, and once the power is in bridged, you will be seeing full output. What. Processor are you using? Good luck, Keep cranking, Robert
I have only cooked one driver in my life. It was an epic 12. The amp was playing along just fine and then the cone turned inside out, and the coil was cooked to death. It was the amp that was at fault they say, so it was repaired under warranty but the driver is still dead.Keep cranking,Robert
Did you have an LFE system previous to this? Also, were you happy with the overall impact of the speakers you have in place without an LFE?Keep cranking,Robert
Good job.Crank them up. Can't wait to hear the results.Keep cranking,Robert
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