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With all the new builds coming into being and all the woofage that has been utilized, I hope to see a bunch of smilies and Yes votes for the Grail. Keep cranking, Robert
So, what would a system have to have in it or what would you have to experience for it to be considered an ultimate experience?Keep cranking,Robert
Very nice. You will be rocking soon!!!Keep cranking,Robert
I wish I had room for these cabinets. The moment I saw them, I wanted to build them. Josh seems to have found something that can reall rip! Go with the LMS and crank it- you won't be disappointed. I heard the TH-50 a few years back and Josh says these smash those, so you will be very happy with the performance. Go for it. I might even try to find some space for them myself. Keep cranking, Robert
So, how are the multiple SI's turning out? Are we getting closer to the Grail with the multiple driver setups? Keep cranking, Robert
Sounds like you are very pleased with the results.Keep cranking,Robert
Glad to hear you are getting the right feeling from these drivers. What is the LFE system that is being used in total consist of?Keep cranking,Robert
I really like the way that setup looks. You will be very happy with the results.I sure am happy with the way mine turned out.Good luck,Keep cranking,Robert
I have had my share of lightning destroyed equipment. Believe me, Lightning does not make for working electronics.Keep cranking,Robert
The brother in arms live on the on the night disc is very cool- a definite must see
New Posts  All Forums: