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Hey Beast,If you can get Dire Straits, Make sure you take a close look and listen to Brother's in Arms- Very Poignant! Definitely a must have for the music lover. Plus on that disc, there is some serious saxophone playing going on. I would give it a 5 star rating for musical enjoyment-1 star for lack of Sultan's of Swing. The original Live Aid DVD set has some great performances and Sultan's being one of them and Eric Clapton (Layla) another.Keep cranking,Robert
Just watched the trailer for Art of Flight. I love it. I have some IMAX DVD's- Everest and Grand Canyon have very similar film techniques. I am going to get the Art of Flight with my next order from Amazon.
Little kids. Other than that, not a problem.
I do not have any experience with Bluray concert discs. I can only say that if you want to rock out to some serious tunage, go for Pulse- the whole disc is amazing, Rush - Time Machine 2011-Vital Signs is fabulous. Also, Rush in Rio- The drum solo is one of the best! If you happen to like Def leppard- Hysteria from In The Round In Your Face is wonderfully intoxicating-more from the guitar work Steven Clark- gone too soon! Also, Dire Straits On The NIght is worth the price...
Just got finished listening! Great recording- it has a lot of the old flair in it. I did not get any sleep tonight. I am in a Pink Floyd/Gilmour can't get enough state. I am listening to the Roger Water's Wall concert with Gilmour as I type. Hard to explain, but this hobby can be very addictive.Keep cranking,Roberthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QporsAFc6VgCheck out Nick Mason's drumming. I showed my brother this video a few years back and he told me that he remembers...
By the way, I want to hear these kinds of stories. I think that we all have these same kinds of feelings about music and movies although they might not be the same genre. This kind of discussion allows us to expand our musical tastes and helps us to understand what drives each of us to design and build the systems we envision. So, there is no such thing as on or off topic here. The Grail might not only be the system itself, but the experience that goes along with it.My...
Sure is!Keep cranking,Robert
I was looking up the old Master Reference subwoofer and I found this. It goes down to 27 Hz. I bet it sounds great, but would it be enough for most of us? Also, the $25000 to get the 27 Hz seems a bit pricey. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y041TkAu3Kk Keep cranking, Robert
Those JBL drivers were on my list when I was doing my HT LFE build. PArts Express had them on closeout and I was tempted to go for it, but I did the LMS 5400 instead.Keep cranking,Robert
Looks like we are on the same level of thought here as far as this music. I have the same desire to hear all the renditions. The ability to play as a unit is so entrenched in Pink Floyd- It is phenomenal. I have a lot of Rush ( Vital Signs happens to be one, Mystic Rhythms another) and Def Leppard ( Hysteria in the round) that gives me those feelings, also.Keep cranking,Robert
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