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I will say I could. would and do make a lot of HT purchases based on how Comfortably Numb sounds from the Live 8 DVD. I don't think there is a better sound than when Dave comes in on the chorus with "There is no pain, you are receding. A distant ship smoke on the horizon..." If the system is good that gives me chills every time. I have that DVD set and it truly is mesmerizing. I get the same feelings with that also. Very good set. Keep cranking, Robert
You are on point here!Good job.Keep cranking,Robert
I quess I personally was after whether anyone was ever satisfied and very very happy with any system they owned or heard - ever. But! I guess I was also after whether it takes the ultimate system in anyones opinion to achieve that feeling. I have been into sound for about 40 years now. I have experienced the "Grail" on many occassions. Oh! It might nothave been the most expensive or most powerful or the flattest, but for that moment in time it was the end all in sound...
Seems as though the poll results are pretty diverse with There is no "Holy Grail" - The chase continues!! leading the way. Keep cranking, Robert
I have 2 PF 1800's and they are nice but nothing compared to the long throw drivers of today. The drivers are basically a PA speaker with a Foam rubber surround. Not a whole lot of xmax. My LMS cabinets are a lot bigger, but they could have been a lot smaller and would literally destroy the performance of my PF 1800 in depth, output, distortion and overall response.. Now, it takes more power to drive some of the newer speakers, but the new Stereo Integrity seems to be on...
I found the issue as to why my driver was bottoming out. I guess one of the kids was horsing around with the karate staff and punched a hole in one of the cones. I repaired the hole with epoxy and it is working fine now. I am mulling over a complete new cabinet design at the moment and hopefully will have something going soon. Thanks!Keep cranking,Robert
How is this amp hooked up? Bridged or stereo? I would not take it apart before I checked each channel with a new cable and a known good speaker wire.Keep cranking,Robert
Very nice!
Only reason I mentioned the external ports was because the designer really does not know what he is supposed to be "hearing" or feeling, so instead of just putting another port or slot in, he could easily change the tuning and then go with the one he finds most appropriate for his situation. So easy to just add a piece of PVC to the end of the tube and adjust the length externally - no driver removal or port length problems to deal with until final assembly. The slot is...
That is the only way I would want mine built. I was looking at the Housewrecker and imagining it in multiples just for the purpose of a riser. Easily placed and does not take up any extra "area" in the room.Keep crankingRobert
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