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That is why I started this thread. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1451767/has-anyone-actually-experienced-the-holy-grail-of-sound It is amazing how each person has his or her own little world of what is the "Grail" of sound. I sometimes wonder myself about what experiences the guy with a really cool soundbar could have had that leads him to those wonderful feelings. Glad to hear you did not burst his bubble- It will burst on its own one day! Keep cranking, Robert
So..., in ou rcollective experience of chasing or having the "Grail", we are more in search of the ultimate in sound and feel in the bottom octaves or full range or...... Any thoughts?Keep cranking,Robert
I really do not like options myself. I like 2 channel stereo and I use DTS or Dolby 5.1. I rarely use any of the extra modes and I just play the dvds or Bluerays in the format they were recorded. That said, I usually just play movies in my HT, but if I do music, the subs seem to be more than enough for what I happen to be listening. I use the Subwoofer level on the remote for the Integra to raise the output in 1/2 dB steps usually for a dB or 2.Sooner or later, I will be...
If you can easily remove the driver, I would test the enclosure without, with 1/2 insulation- 1 pillow, then full blown insulation,-. Maybe 2 pillows. Then determine which setup delivers the goods for you.Keep cranking,Robert
Sealed or ported?Keep cranking,Robert
You could use 1/2 space breakers on some stuff and free up a few spots in the box- or put in a nice sub panel to take care of the upgrades.Keep cranking,Robert
I too have been listening to the full gamut. I just get these moments and pop the music in and all the world is better.Keep cranking,Robert
Is there a certain music/ movie or is it just ubiquitous?Keep cranking,Robert
my wife seems to have the same model for the parties she has for the kids. I have a Gold Medal 1890's replica that I only use for decoration in the HT because they are so hard to keep really clean. Hers has been working fine for about 5 years now. She paid a couple hundred at Sam's. Keep cranking, Robert
I have 4 LMS's and 8 Passives in my system. I have used just one cabinet and then added the second. You cannot even really tell the difference. All I can say is I would put those 4 drivers against any 4 other drivers in the same configuation any day. Now, I do not think I would mind putting them against 8 of most other drivers also and even the 12 -given the 3-1 ratio mentioned. However, as you add that many drivers to a room, you also decrease the total air space and you...
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