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Beautiful job! How are they hitting? Keep cranking, Robert
Although they might look alike, the voice coil and the suspension stifness and such is what makes it the SI HT and not your typical car driver. It digs deeper!Keep cranking,Robert
Win ISD. Download from the internet. Get it and then we will help to get it going for you.www.linearteam.dk/default.aspx?pageid=winisdKeep cranking,Robert
Even the 2242's?I hope you are enjoying them.Keep cranking,Robert
I have always been into the subwoofers. I had M&M subwoofers back in '83 when no one in my city had anything but 6x9's driver's liscence at 15 helped that out. DEF Tech PF1800's purchased in 1995 first commercial subs DIY JBL SUBS JBL 2241h DIY JBL SR4719X DIY Electrovoice 18's ( From discarded drivers ) Cerwin Vega HT-S15 ( Pcked up as a discard ) Velodyne CT-150 ( picked up as a discard ) Peavey DJS Subs Yamaha YST-SW160 ( Picked up as a discard) Quad TC...
I am not the Sketch up artist, That was done for me by NEODan. He was a real help in getting my final design on the paper as a blueprint.Keep cranking,Robert
I am using Crown Itech 8000 amplifiers for LFE. You can use virtually any commercial amplifier that will deliver 500-600 watts for each driver.Keep cranking,Robert
I just saw this. With smaller sealed box, you get protection from bottoming. Those measures are external with single panel sides?
I asked Josh after he tested the drive, and he told me my 3.6 cubic foot box would be ok, but I would have a little rolloff in the bottom and I might need a little EQ. One good point is the power handling will increase.
Multiples of the SI's will be fairly cheap, but more space for each driver will be needed in order to get close to what the LMS will do in a smaller box, but the LMS needs more power, so it willl cost more both ways. The SI's are cheap and do not need the crazy power to get them going, but multiples will still nedd about 600 watts each.Keep cranking,Robert
New Posts  All Forums: