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11 x 20 is not small by any means. These drivers really happening now.Keep cranking,Robert
Cool, keep in touch. I think you might have a few sub options available , and there are a ton of guys on here building many of them now. In a couple of weeks, we will see some new stuff being tested and you might be surprised at how good they truly are. I have 2 of the drivers if you want to give them a look. I can't show you the LMS because it will never be taken out that box unless it has to be, but you will be impressed with the looks and price of the SI driver.Keep...
I use QSC and Crown Itech 8000 amps. I would not change a thing.Keep rocking,Robert
Hey Keith,Anytime you want to give a listen, let me know. Did you ever get the house finished. How about the sub you were thinking about. There is a new driver everyone is using and I have a couple. It is a Stereo Integrity 18 and I think it will serve you well.Keep cranking,Robert
Hey Mike, I was thinking of him a couple of days ago. I was looking at some youtube videos and he sure has a ton of nice stuff.Keep cranking,Robert
I guess I was asking about the personal satisfaction or personal experience part, but I guess I was really asking if anyone actually experienced the "Thing" that everyone else would just have to say is the Ultimate if they saw or heard it.What do you think?Keep cranking,Robert
Cool. Maybe we can set some demo time up. My theater is about 85% complete, but the parts that are are the ones that rock!!!! Finishing touches still to be addressed.Keep cranking,Robert
Sounds like a plan.
I wish I was closer to most of the GTG's. I am way down south in New Orleans and not much action down here for some reason. I do not know anyone who even has a HT. So, not much to listen to but what I go in search of. Hopefully, I will be able to line something up for one of the closer ones. Keep cranking, Robert
I was wondering if you wanted to take a listen, but you seem to be in good shape with those. I have mine in original condition right now. A little oil on the cabs and they are about a 7-8 from what I see.Have you ever ran any sweeps on some of the older stuff?Keep cranking,Robert
New Posts  All Forums: