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I would love everyone to be able to experience these things when I am done, but bringing them to other venues other than where they are is not possible. They are going to stay in this house until the cows come home. Thanks, Robert
That is a lot of pillows. They are going to think I must be Hugh Hefner or something. Maybe a hotel owner. Anyway, I will get to that as soon as I can. Can you check the numbers for the passives if you have a chance? The box is 18.05 cubic feet internal. I am ready to start putting mass on the passives. I hope the numbers are correct. Thanks, Robert
Hey Dan, How much stuffing is needed for this project? No help as of today. I just got the rest of the washers to be used as mass for the passives. I need to weigh all of those and get the weights to 2000 grams. It is crazy that some are around 70 grams and some are 109 grams. If I just so happened to get a big number of 70 gram washers on one passive and all 100 or more on the other, that would definitely lead to inaccurate performance. What would be the point of...
The drivers and passives and granite alone are close to 450 pounds. The cabinet was weighed and it weighed almost 450 pounds without the grills or the cabling or the 96 3 inch bolts and the grannite glue and bolts and so on and so on. These things are very heavy Thanks, Robert
So what are you saying? Thanks Robert I know, its been a long time, and it looks like its going to be even longer. Joe is leaving and I don't think that I will be able to move these things without some serious help- know any good psychiatrists?
Close, but not that close.
More pics. I need to thank my friends Joe, Keith, Rob and Mike for the help this week end. That is Joe ( he's a ham) in the pictures. I would not have been able to even think about moving these things without their help. Hey Kyle The internal volume is 18.05cf per cabinet I need verification so I can add the mass. The washers were weighed with a jewelers scale and I got values from 71.001 grams to 108.100 grams. I need to work these washers to...
The bottom granite in place. Tops are drilled and ready. Here are pictures of my friends and the cabs. I am never in the pictures because it seems I am the only one willing to take the pictures. Thanks, Robert
20' x 30' x 8'
Cabinets have been moved!!! Barely fit through all openings, but made it with millimeters to spare. Very pleased with the way they look in room. Now on to assembly.
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