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I don't see this on the toshiba site - still has 1.1 as latest update? (as of 11:00am EST Saturday)
I notice that there is a firmware update for the D64u models on Sharp's website. Does anyone know what this firmware fixes or adds?
I noticed there is a firmware upgrade for the 64u line on Sharp's website. Does anyone know what this update fixes?
Disney owns ABC Television. ABC shows commercials for HD DVD. I guess they secretly want Blu-Ray to fail? A simple poll on a web-blog is not secret PR.
While I try my best to ignore the employees, I do agree that it is scary knowing that most of the "J6P" customers will use these floor employees as their key decision makers. When WM managers show the average customer the split-screen Blu-Ray / SD demo and tell them they are seeing a Blu-Ray / HD DVD comparison, then I'm sure most customers would be sold on Blu-Ray before they even had a chance to see the HD DVD or the price of the player. We all know that this is...
Good one!
Actually, GE (General Electric) owns NBC / Universal. Yet another tv spot for HD DVD - and unlike most "get it on DVD and hi-def / Blu-Ray" ads which people ignore unless they like the movie being advertised, this is a specific ad for HD DVD. Good stuff!
http://www.cnbc.com/id/21598441 This is a response article written by the same CNBC analyst that reported on HD DVD's upswinging momentum, the same who also offered an opinion that Blu-Ray may see this as the beginning of a collapse. Finally - a website that caters to the masses - not simply enthusiasts and fanboys - is reporting on this matter with intelligent analysis. The article leans in the favor of HD DVD, yes, but NOT because of a fanboy opinion or even a...
I think Riblet brings up a great point here. I think all of us enthusiasts miss the days when we could walk into a store selling home theatre equipment and receive a friendly greeting from an actual professional in a suit and tie who knew everything there was to know about all the equipment in the store. As "big box" stores become the standard in our ever-homogonized shopping world, home theatre equipment starts to look like just another margin-based commodity. To...
Advertising costs money, and where Sony and the BDA continue to push advertising dollars are at very high-profile venues (prime time television, endcaps at Best Buy, popular magazines like Entertainment Weekly). Maybe a good explanation is that Toshiba is allocating that money towards their product? Sony is spending large sums of money to get their advertising out there, but they can't even release a 1.1 profile player yet and they are sneaking out two new 1.0...
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