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I use "Remote" to navigate and control iTunes on my HTPC and pretty happy with it.
Looks like Comcast is really struggling to squeeze more HD in existing bandwidth. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1008271 I hope it temporary.
Do you have PC input? I use it on my Elite, Mini recognized it right away without any adjustments. And I don't see any difference in PQ compare to DVI.
Sounds pretty depressing. I believe you. But for better or worse the change is in the air. Lets hope for better.
According to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin cable operation in general and Comcast in particular is going to change: • "We've seen a signficant decrease in prices" in everything the FCC regulates except cable—that's gonna change • It is "critical" that consumer-electronic devices are able to attach to cable networks and do two-way communication without a set-top box (i.e., two-way CableCARD is mandatory) • Proposed pay-per-channel cable is a "real market solution" to cable...
TiVo is making its technology and services available to Comcast Corp cable customers. The service, built into Scientific Atlanta cable set top boxes, is currently being tested by Comcast employees and was expected to be available to some customers by September. http://today.reuters.com/news/articl...VO-COMCAST.xml I am confused. From what I was reading in this thread, I thought it's just a TiVo software to existing Moto STBs, not new Scientific Atlanta ones. Can...
chitchatjf, the only voice of reason left on this forum, could you tell me how to get Digital Starter. I have Basic + Digital Classic + HD box. Couldn't figure it out from website and don't understand a word of CC (my fault not theirs). Thank you in advance. Alexander
"Ladies and gentlemen, AppleInsider believes in all sincerity that the Mac mini is dead." http://www.appleinsider.com/articles..._mac_mini.html Makes sense, sort of, being replaced by AppleTV. I feel sad already. Alexander
100% agree, at least for 2006 consumer models. Recent statistic shows that Panasonic owes about 40% of consumer plasma market. http://www.i4u.com/article7819.html It's scary. I asked local Tweeter guy why people like Panasonic sets despite obvious flaws in PQ. He put it simple - they like price. I may add that people who overhyped about Panasonic mostly replacing their 15-20 years old CRTs. Of course there is a WOW factor. But if members of this thread don't see clay faces...
I can not even imagine how confused you are. It will go away pretty quickly. Regarding resolution, I use SwitchResX to make custom resolution 1280x720 deinterlaced @ whatever frequency your projector support, usually 60 Hz. Mini definitely support it. Just follow VESA standards. If not everything work from first try, you can adjust later - screen position, overscan etc. The second problem must be corrected by calibration of your video card. Go to System preferences,...
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