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Hi thanks for your reply, I am in the UK so I assume the 7550HD is the same as the UK release 760. Will I be able to use a splitter on the ps3 instead? Sending two sets of signals from the HDMI one directly to the amp and the other directly to the TV, switching to 2 channel to get sound to the TV UK release date has been pushed to mid august
Hi guys do you know if this will pass audio/video in standby mode. I have a ps3 and dont always route sound to the amplifier. I know some Yamaha amps do this via options in the menu, thanks guys
Hi does anybody have a link to a bios update for the XL 301. I am having problems with my machine, I installed a q6600 processor and 2x750gb and 1tb hard drive. I know get microcode error, it boots after pressing f1. I am using Windows 7 beta and when it comes back from sleep it just shows the vaio screen and can only be resumed by pressing the power button. If any of you guys could piont me in the right direction that would be highly appreciated Thanks
HI Where did you order you t785 from?
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