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My 55HX750 arrived on Sunday. LOVE IT! Might be a hint of lag in Game Mode, but it's fine for Halo and the sort, single player, which is what I really care about. I haven't noticed flashlights or clouding yet and I'm going to avoid going looking for them. The settings I'm on give some SOE; thinking about changing them, but the picture looks great to me and the black detail is there. So, love it.
Just bought the 55" version, it'll be delivered on the 2nd. My last TV was a 46" V5100; hopefully this one will be as good for gaming and football. Can't wait.
Showing at $1,899 at frys.com now - ugh. Hoping to get in on the BF deal at BBY. Unless there's a better set for football, Netflix, and gaming for ~$1000-1200?
No kidding! I wish Asus or Gigabyte would do that...
Yeah, I was looking for a 2105 myself and noticed none of the new SKUs was on Newegg. Anyone got a lead on them, or will they not be on sale until tomorrow?
Quote: Originally Posted by Zon2020 What are the H61-H67 differences? I thought I needed an H67 but maybe I don't. Thanks Per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGA_1155, which is easier to find than the Intel site but shows the same information I remember, it's: no raid fewer USB 2.0 ports no SATA 3 (so only 4 SATA unless the manufacturer includes a separate controller) fewer PCIe lanes 2 vs 4 memory slots From my perspective, for an HTPC...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zon2020 Do H61 cards support HD2000 Sandy Bridge graphics? Sorry, if my understanding that one needed an H67 or Z68 was incorrect. Only the oddly-positioned P67 lacks the video output. Take a look at any H61 board and it should have a bevy of video output ports. This is not to dissuade anyone from springing for the H67 if they want its features, just video isn't one of them...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zon2020 With that CPU, if you get an H67 motherboard you won't need a seperate video card. Why would the H61 require a separate video card?
... and watching.
Sorry; I meant to ask if your 2100 let the Ceton record all four streams simultaneously while still doing other things. I'm aware they only have a four-stream model at the moment, and the two-stream model I've heard about coming is external, which I'm not interested in.Well, the fallback plan if I can't stand it is to ship the whole thing off to my sister to use as her main desktop. I'm not getting rid of the BR standalone or the cable box until I'm completely happy with...
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