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while its true that Onkyo has had some issues with their receivers. I am on my third one. I got the onkyo txnr626. its really nice. he video processor is same as the oppo with the marvel. its also sounds very nice. easy to hook up a bunch of stuff to the receiver that is what I am doing with my oppo 93, the roku, and ps3. I got it for around 450 or so. I had the onkyo 605 and the ht rc270. Jacob
there are more speakers for Dolby Atmos. 11.1 or so. all around the theatre.. makes you feel in the movie, like 3d does for visual viewing. some work better then others I say about using it.I enjoyed the movie. its a different kind of sequel. I found it easier to follow. Captain America 2 will be in dolby Atmos. they will probably be good one to try with Atmos.Jacob
great question. I saw it in atmos. it was really good. I have seen others. I would say that wolverine was my favorite. I have seen man of steel, hobbit 2, pacific rim in atmos.Jacob
most likey its the tv. I have that kind of problem on my set up.Jacob
Its my understanding that AMC theatre and on demand will have it on march 14. I have gotten some news that a theatre will have it 2 weeks later. The cinemawest theatre located in California and Idaho will be getting Veronica mars on March 28. The cinema west theatre will have the exclusive Sacramento showings starting on March 28. follow the links below. http://www.cinemawest.com/index.html http://www.fandango.com/veronicamars...ville,%20%20CA Jacob
I just got one about a month ago. I am enjoying it very much. I also had the htrc270 receiver. it broke down because of the HDMI board. I am getting that fixed. some people like a lot of HDMI imputs. my first onkyo had 2. I needed many more. while my last receiver did have THX, this doesn't. it does sound much better in other ways. Its worth getting for the video processor chip alone. its looks so good. now my roku and ps3 can look good like the oppo.feel free to ask more...
just a heads up. the flixster on the roku 3 machine can now play your collection. All I had to do was search for an update manually. when I used the flixster for the first time. it posts a code to use on the computer. I did that and then its a brand new screen and my titles were there to watch.. enjoy. Jacob
New Posts  All Forums: