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Are we sure it's every model affected? The RS57 I had (currently at gf house) has working MPC sliders. Just to give some background I had a technical issue with my RS57 in January after the preorder.This was my second projector and after jumping through some hoops JVC Japan stepped up and offered me to drop the projector off at their factory located south of Tokyo.When I got it back I went through the settings and I know the MPC settings worked as I went through the...
I did brightness match between the X700 and VW500 and against each other, I brightness matched after they were all on for an hour. When I was matching the brightness on the Sony I made a couple of mistakes and that was I didn't fully understand the Iris modes and how they work. When I thought I brightness matched and I wasn't careful what Iris mode I was in and yeah the Sony got brighter on some content and out did the JVC with relative ease. I want to point out that...
I agree with you. It's wishful thinking to hope for 4K from JVC this year, but with all the 4K hype we can only hope right? One thing I'm curious about is where the X900/RS67 falls in regards to native contrast claims. I feel JVC was a little bit short this year in regards to their stated claims in regards to measured. Most reviews are the X700/X500.
I missed the epic conversation a few weeks back when the X500/X700 vs the VW500/600 and VW1000. I've had looked at 5 VW500ES and four X700(RS57) and two VW1000 and one VW1100. I currently have VW500, VW1100 and RS57. On one of the samples I looked at for the JVC's I noticed it streaked/flared much more than the other ones. I don't know what the proper word is for it but if I took an all black background and put a mouse cursor against it there would be a vertical and...
I noticed on my particular RS57 that with no pixel adjustment at all my convergence was a little bit off. When I used the internal convergence pattern it looked like there was some slight scaling going on. It looked like an extra line of blue and red was bleeding onto another line but very lightly. After using the pixel adjust it became fully solid with no bleeding. I've seen this on an Epson 5020 as well, but only on one sample. Anyone else notice this?
http://pro.jvc.com/pro/attributes/PRESENT/clips/sterling_iitsec.jsp JVC is coming out with a laser projector for the successor of the VS2200 which is the same chassis as the consumer lines with a target date of early 2015. Interesting to note that the VS2200 has a contrast ratio of 18k to 1 and the laser light one has a contrast ratio exceeding 20K to 1. Doesn't seem like contrast takes a hit, but improves a little bit. Lumen output seems similar to current models at...
After I did the reset I noticed on my 5020 that I would get green sparkles along the edges. I had to raise VOL SUS to around 160 and YKNOFSAD to around 160 as well to get rid of those artifacts. I reset probably 8-9 times until I had no more artifacts. I used test patterns and content to verify that everything was good. Those green pixels or sparkles didnt seem to like 5% grey as it was most dominant on that pattern, but only occured within the top and bottom edges.
I'm throwing my two cents in here because I am a bit confused but I guess there are two ways that JVC may be using the filter. 1. When the filter is in place JVC has measured the amount of color changes ie, if Red was 100 and the filter increases it by 5 for a total of 105 the JVC is programmed to take this into account when the filter is engaged. 2. The projector is dumb and just puts the filter in place without any compensation. Have I summed it up right?
lol, I just found that thread, I got that info from you! but I couldn't remember the specifics.
Was it for the past models only? I remember seeing a YouTube video about a UK JVC guy talking about it, but it wasn't for this years model or last years.
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