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http://www.solidsignal.com/pview.asp...u=853748001088 this one has 100 degree beam width. should work good here.
i have the channel master 4228 in my attic over here in city view. i also got an amp on it and it get 7 and 18 at almost 100% all the time. my problems are with 3 and 6 and they are only 3 miles away. they are only in the low 80% range and cut in and out sometimes. i think if i move it outside on the roof i can take off the amp and probably get all the channels pretty good. i think my attic is causing multi-path problems and that is why 3 and 6 are iffy.
nice, thanks for the information.
kauz told me that CW is not yet available in HD. once they do they will broadcast it. i know the CW channel in DFW is broadcasting in HD along with others. other cities with CW are being picked up by dish and being broadcasted in HD. so i am not sure what these means exactly other than they are not giving to kauz in HD for WF.
does anyone know when the CW is suppose to go to HD?
i am 3 miles from channel 6 and about 20 mile from the 7 tower. i can get 7 in at 99% most of the time and 6 comes in at 85% and constantly goes in and out.
i can get some more rangers games now.
you signed a 2 year commitment so the 61.5 dish is not actually free. you should not have to commit 24 months for that hbo/starz package. i didn't. those OK towers are putting out some juice now so they are not to hard to get anymore.
apparently they are running on a temporary transponder while they work on the good one. so i guess when the good one gets going they will be at full power. cbs is the only one left.
i talked to dish about the cbs guide info problem and they say it is a problem that they are working on on their end. this guide info not listed is screwing with my dvr timers. i wonder why they work on the SD channel, but not the HD channel. nbc did crank up the power a few weeks ago. i can get 7 and 18 at almost 100 percent and 6 comes in at around 74 and 3 is about 84. now if i do a little adjusting on the antenna in the attic i can get 3 in the high 90's and 7 and 18...
New Posts  All Forums: