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I'm assuming such a device still doesn't exist?
Hey guys, is there a settings/calibration thread for the KDL-55W805A? Thanks in advance.
I just bought a 3313 from an online dealer specializing in 220v hardware as I'm moving to Europe on the 22nd of this month. Obviously, the news of X4000 is really bumming me out. I wonder if I can exchange it for the new one (if he even takes this one back) before the 22nd...
So I'm the proud new owner of an AVR-2313CI and was wondering what the consensus was for the best IOS and Android remote apps (free or pay). Thanks in advance.
Thanks again, guys. Now I need to decide between the AVR-2313CI and the AVR-3313CI (I'm leaning towards the former) before the speakers get here.
Sorry, I meant your thoughts on the choice of speaker wire and banana plugs I posted above. My bad.
Well, one of the reasons I ran across these speakers in the first place was because of a compromise with the wife. She, of course, wanted something that was also stylish. When I grow up, I'll join some of the guys here on the forums and build myself a nice man-cave and install some beefier hardware. Just to let everyone know, I pulled the trigger on the T305. Paid exactly $1,499, including shipping. I also bought a pair of speaker stands for $199, also including...
Thanks for the reply, JimWilson. According to the reviews I read ( http://www.hometheater.com/content/kef-t305-speaker-system ), the sub is very impressive for its size and does an excellent job both for movies and music. Are there no owners out there that can give us some insight as to how it sounds?
Just got an opportunity to get a KEF T305 ( http://www.kef.com/html/us/showroom/home_theatre_speakers/tseries/fact_sheets/systems/t305/index.html ) speaker system for $1,500 and am very tempted to grab it, especially after all the great reviews I've read. Anyway, this will be my first true surround setup (currently have a Sony soundbar) and I'm planning on pairing these with either a Denon AVR-2313CI or AVR-3313CI receiver. Any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks very...
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