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Okay, but I'm talking about changes in sound quality. You are saying that the sound quality itself of the music won't change if a bit perfect copy was ripped on to a hard drive? So all that will happen if there was issues is muted output?So the ability to have bit perfect copies of music has been around since the advent of the digital age? Perhaps I've been living under a rock.
I'm confused now. So copying bit perfect music may or may not result in an audibly perfect copy of the CD? Some people were saying it was a slam dunk, now others are saying it's not really true.
So you are saying that it is possible for me to rip a CD on to my hard drive bit perfect, and the disk can sound different to the ripped bit perfect data?
So you are saying? That copying a file digitally does not guarantee it being a 1:1 bit perfect copy?
Yes, but that's not music on a cd.
I've heard some people say that copying music on to their computers alters the sound quality of the music. Is this possible? Can copying a CD be done easily bit for bit without altering the music? And can music be ripped in such a way that it does alter the sound quality? With CD you know for certain the source is unmodified and still in the format it was released to the public, so it would be nice to be able to rip all my music without changing the sound quality of the...
It sounds as if you made this all up to convince us that you really heard a huge difference. You must not try so hard as people can read between the lines.
I originally was going to put shelving in later, as I'll only have three components in my cabinet for starters, but I could put in a shelf and put the receiver at the top. Just cut large diameter holes in the shelving for improved air flow.
In the living room?
Hi Amirm, I have a technician friend who gave me his input. He said to me that I'm probably worrying over nothing. I won't have the receiver on all day and I won't be playing my music or movies at very loud volumes all the time. He seems to think that ventilation through the bottom floor and at the back should suffice given the conditions I'll be using the equipment in. There will be no holes in the front. My equipment is still in its boxes, so I'm going to leave it...
New Posts  All Forums: