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I think I would agree with Amir that most audiophiles, specifically 2 channel users, do not have or want subwoofers. They just have 2 speakers in the room, keeping things nice and simple. I know some people who have expensive stereo systems and still use two subwoofers, but I don't think it's the norm.
You should have recommended a better solution than the Sony HTIB.
Please correct me if I'm wrong here, but besides clipping, what about amplifier compression? Is it not possible for the clipping circuity in amplifiers to compress the sound as opposed to just abruptly clipping the signal and resulting in possible damage? I've heard that some amps have anti-clipping features, although I'm not sure if most AVRs include such features or if it is only limited to particularly models.
But I was told that if my amp is not clipping that it means it is supplying all the power to my speakers without issue. So an amp can compress the signal before clipping even takes place?Had you not posted I would have carried on believing a falsehood! It's so hard to get the truth sometimes.
Thanks for chiming in. So in other words, there is no real point in using the calculator if all the calculations are working off inaccurate information. But if the speaker manufacturers fudge their numbers to look better on paper and amp specs are fudged to look better on paper and SPL calculators are just rough guesses, then where does this leave the consumer?
I sit at around 3 meters. My SPL meter at C weighting fast was reading between 68 and 71 dB. According to my SPL calculator, at a 3 meter distance, using my speaker sensitivity (88 dB), I would need 30 watts to achieve 100 dB. So at the same volume I was experiencing before, using my SPL meter, does that mean the actual power was 1000 times less, give or take? Since I assumed 30 dB is 1000 times less power?
I know this is slightly off topic, but I was messing around with an SPL calculator. I determined that on average I listen at around 70 dB using my SPL meter, which I find is a nice and comfortable volume. But with 30 watts, I'll reach over 100 dB according to the calculator. Since power is logarithmic, that means 30 dB = 1000 times less power??? So at 70 dB, I'll need 1000 less power than I would need at 100 dB using 30 watts. Is that correct?
But taking the example of the Krell I used earlier. The Krell is a 600 watt monster with huge power supplies. Compare that to a dinky receiver at 50 wpc.The fact the Krell can deliver more potential current and voltage does not mean it will deliver that potential current and voltage. At a low volume, the Krell won't deliver more current than the dinky receiver at the same low volume. If the receiver was not clipping at 90 dB, then the Krell wouldn't be delivering more...
A9X-308, for added reassurance, am I correct on the above?
Sorry, I meant to say 5 amps, not 50 amps.
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