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Awesome job Landshark1 and Big! How do you like the layout of your seating? I Plan to do the same front row and 2 love seats in the rear row. Even thought it would be to sit in the center love seat with my wife it would probably be me and 2 kids LOL
I am hoping that the AVR-4520CI/DBT-3313UDCI will sound even better sometime in 2014.
Ditto except AVR-4806 here. Also mix in an occasional CD too.
I'd think you want to use some hardware for a closet (bypass) door. Make a valance to cover up the track like you would for curtains.
I was just trying to find out what new charges D will add to my account if I upgrade to a genie. it will be the only receiver and only TV. My current charges: 07/26 08/25 CHOICE XTRA CLASSIC Monthly 71.99 07/26 08/25 Advanced Receiver-HD Monthly 10.00 08/18 09/17 NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX 2013 Early Renewal in 6 Payments 49.99 07/26 08/25 Advanced Receiver-DVR Lifetime 0.00 Thank you in advance. Jeff
It was a great event. And Ivan's theater sounds great. Even without the subs being on With all his room treatments I think even a pair of cheap speakers could do the job.
I once ruined one by hooking it up to the USB out on my Audio-Technica AT-LP240-USB Turntable!
Here is a good post to start on.I had mine fixed by a local repair shop (not denon) and it has worked for 2 years or so since.
We need more info than that, but I highly recommend reading through all of the options in the set up menu as it is scary the amount of variables this baby can do. You need to assign video and audio separately if you use both.
I have never done this but now I really want to put together a media server. .
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