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Looks amazing I think I could get the wife to go for something like that. I'd put a mini-fridge behind one though as I have an obsession with that type of thing.
IMHO yes it is.
Not sure if adjusting the "source levels" on page 137 of the manual would help. I know after I rewired my 4806 and switched some inputs I had to make quite a few adjustments to these.
From Denon facebook- "Hi- the AVR-4520CI supports 30Hz and 24Hz when passing 4k video. Thanks for your question!"
I'd say it would come down to the DL3 connection to make it worth it. Mine sounds amazing and DVD's look better than on my Sammy BR though my TV will only do 1080i. Hi-rez music is a thing of beauty. I've had the laser assembly replaced locally and next time will do it myself as per the directions here, unless I happen to come across something better like a DBT-3313UDCI /Avr-4520.
[quote name="VTGOLFER" url="/t/1430049/the-official-denon-avr-4520ci-thread/510#post_22525389" Will the Denon allow me to utilize the Maggies in this way say through Zone 2 or in another way. If so how is the two channel sound in Zone 2 for critical listening?.[/quote] Multi-channel + 2-channel connection is on page 96 0f the manual and should exactly what you want. It's one of the things I can't wait to play with.
beat me to it. seems like a really easy solution for a big party. Easier than keeping the food at the right temp anyway.
Id say that is because your ears naturally block some of that sound while the mic doesn't. I remember early on someone suggesting pointing the mic towards the front (though maybe they actually said towards each speaker) but angled towards the front 3 might help compensate for this.
You know what they say about assuming.I think you are wrong if you are saying that the AVR-4520 is a "flagship" model. I hope they come out with something more like the AVP/POA, though really the 48xx/45xx is as high as I can justify right now.Though the feature i want to play with is the ".2" as that is a hobby unto itself.
Does this mean normally there is electromotive force that goes back through the speakers crossover and into the tweeter?
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