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Saw one in action today and it was cool.
Having music going always help with the rest of the move/unpacking.
HDCD-encoded CDs are encoded with 20 bits of real musical information, as compared with 16 bits for all other CDs. HDCD overcomes the limitation of the 16-bit CD format by using a sophisticated system to encode the additional 4 bits onto the CD while remaining completely compatible with the existing CD format. HDCD provides more dynamic range, a more focused 3-D soundstage, and extremely natural vocal and musical timbre. With HDCD, you get the body, depth, and emotion of...
I'm looking to go from a 4806, though I'd likely incorporate it to facilitate 11 channels.
Yes the 48xx model has usually been off starting at least with the 4802R model. though 4810 and the 43xx were inline IIRC
Maybe it is just 7 years ahead of itself? Lol I am happy to get 6years so far with my 4806 though it sucks not having video go through it.
How about AM than?
11 pages of "listening to FM broadcasts" is pretty funny. I am glad i have I heart radio as AM looks to be gone.
I don't see iPad listed on page 24 though I am not sure if you lose anything. Also love that they are keep us people with an additional 2-channel set-up though I'd like to do 11.2 and still have the 2 channel ready to go. I'll need external amps anyway.
Just trying to prove you are sicker than Batpig LOL we do love all the analysis!
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