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The 1394 is completly different than the Denon-link. I would think it would not be proprietary.
Way cool! Now we need DVI switching. Bring on the 5804/3804's.
I have seen a couple of negative statements about This remote that comes with the Denon AVR-5803. I tried searching the forums for it but couldn't really find anything. Is anyone happy with it? It seems to be a full featured remote. also Is there a good website to find out info on Remotes in general? TIA
I love the blue display on the Monstre Cable Signature Series Power Centers . What other Electronic companys use these for thier display? I've seen the Velodyne subs and the Parasound Halo stuff.
from my limited experience they seem to be the company going the farthest to make the "perfect" DVD player, as in no bugs.
For some reason when I bought a HT setup several years ago I bought Pioneer for both my DVD and Receiver. Now that it's time to upgrade I still have this notion that I want the 2 products to be from the same manufacturer. I have decided on the Denon DVD-2900, and was thinking of the AVR-3803. But then comes along the Pioneer models with MCAC, the VSX-55/3 etc. What would I be losing by going with the mismatched brands, if anything? I really like the amount of time...
That sounds cool but what if you play different region disc's in those first five?
If you are looking for 7.1 surround they go to surround back. I believe the second surround outs are for a 5.1 setup with different speakers for surround(so you can switch between 7.1 and 5.1) I also believe the mono signal is sent to the center rear speaker(s) Play back modes are somthing for you to choose what sounds best 4u I am not from Denon just learning here
"Tiime to wait for the Denon 6800 / 5804 I guess." By the time I can afford it it will be the 5809!
I Like the sound of DTS better most of the time. I also like DTS because they are the underdog.
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