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Ya big plus in the WAF for me. Really the biggest next to price.
Is there only 1 light for "Wide" and 1 for "Height"? and Sub as well?
Love those receptacle's with the Blue light (and everything else). Some Gold trim and Baltimore Raven Logos and It'd be perfect (for my family). Great job!
If the specs on Hjemmekino are correct it will be 1/2" taller than the 4311 with the same depth. It will also be roughly 5" shallower than my 4806 which is all my wife cares about as it will allow for a "normal" rack or shelf.
Looks like they are the bottom left 2 sets in the "Pre Out" area with their own box around them. The big box contains 11.2 pre-outs though I can't read all the labels.Its amazing what company's will stoop to for marketing:p
Any guesses on the depth of the 4520? Closer to 15" or 19"?
Advanced Denon Receiver setup. Best time to set up a 7.1 surround system, including renaming and level matching inputs. Would probably work across most if not all brands but I have experience with Denon.
An interesting read about why Apple went to China is only partially due to cheaper labor.From page 4:" The company’s analysts had forecast it would take as long as nine months to find that many qualified engineers in the United States.In China, it took 15 days. "
Some of my favorite features: HDMI v1.4 allowing for compatibility with 4K,1080p 3D content and displays▲ High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) v1.4 The HDMI v1.4 connections on the DENON AVR-4520 allows for the transmission of 1080p 3D content between a 3D-compatible Blu-Ray Disc player and a 3D HD display. It also brings in an audio return channel allowing for two-way transmission of audio. This allows your television, for example, to send audio back...
Deleted to avoid any confusion, but can't wait to get one, as my 4806 is definitely aging.
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