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"What is happening around here today, are gringos falling from the sky?" I also loved the campfire BBQ of Batwings. Can't wait.
Just for fun? That's highly technical research.
Great Job Brad! It is looking good-No Great! I highly suggest you watch the whole thing as I think Star Trek is the best of all the Relaunches, and wish J.J. would get going on the sequel.
Upholstery looks great!
HTPC with the right video card, though that works good for Bluray, haven't looked in to broadcast TV.
Quote: Originally Posted by WiWavelength I plan to attend and hope to ask Jeff some questions about the decline in internal component quality in the AVR lineup, the possibility of a ~$2500 pre/pro to compete w/ Onkyo/Integra, and the potential for another digital only universal BD transport (a la the 2500BTCI, which was ahead of its time) w/ Denon Link 4th. AJ Please make the Pre/Pro your first question and the transport the second!
Wife: Where did that black box come from? Me: nowhere, I made it. Wife: well what's it for? Me: nothing Wife: what does it do? Me: nothing Wife: then why do we need it? Me: because I made it. Hehehehe
Topless pics please. you know what I mean.
Since you like intros so much, try "Good Eats" on the food network, it always seems to be the most active LFE of the shows I regularly watch.
Would you use 3 channels from each amp? Would having 2 power supplies help?
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