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Can get the ref supercube for really good price so it sounds like I may be going ghat route...it looks like it will blend well with my 7002's based on what I am reading on here.. Thank you guys
Can anyone help? I would greatly appreciate it... Thanks again!
Hello all, I have a bp7002, clr2500 set up with my yammie 2700 recvr..my sunfire sig sub took a dump on me it mated well with my system for many years...thinking about possible going with a svs pb12 plus or now thinking since I have the def techs ..does anyone know how a supercube reference would blend with my def techs? I would imagine well but would like hear what you guys think especially any def tec 7002 people that have the reference with that setup ..I do see it...
So does anyonevthink the plus is at least as clean on music as the sunfire sig's are. The consensus is excellent for ht..and not quite as good for music for the plus although it seems that the plus is no slouch for music either..thoughts? Thanks!
Yeah tha is true a sub that is not set up right can suck bad...anyway looking at the svs pb 12 plus it looks like good sub..slot of people seem to enjoy it..although it is kinda big..I suppose if I worry about size I could always go back to those smaller subs like the velodyne optimum 12 but looks like it doesn't have quite the output down low as much as the svs (95 db vs 114 for the svs) decisions decisions ...
Wow..so does it really suck that bad for music?! I mean my sunfire was pretty clean for both movies and music...and in the review it said the svs was pretty clean for music as well as movies ..oh boy now I am not sure..thanks to all for your feedback..anyone else that has any experience would be appreciated..is the svs bad for music..? Does it have alot midrange coloration etc? Thanks!
Anyone? Thanks!
Great..that was a good review of the svs pb12 plus...does anyone have any hands on experience that owns one ...I wil be using it with my def tech bp7002 's. Thanks!!
Hello all .....it looks like my sunfire true sub signature took a shat. Had it for 10 years plus. It had a good run...is the svs pb 12 plus as good as or better than my true sub sig..will it have little or no midrange coloration andvbe just as good for movies and music? That's what i have gathered but just want to be sure vbefore I spend big money on thus thing. Any help or advce would be greatly appreciated as I haven't really been the market to buy a new sub in some...
Hello all, I just ordered a OPPO BDP-83 about 3 hours ago! Thanks smarty pants and others who have given me advice on buying this unit.. I can't wait and super-excited.. will probably retire my Oppo 980 which has been great and will retire my BDP-05 Pioneer .. i will kill two birds with one stone and have a better unit overall.. Thanks again to this forum and people.. i had help choosing my YAMAHA rx-v2700 years ago here and am still quite happy with the unit.. it powers...
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