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Well it was triggering my receiver but now I have to do it manually and it's causing a huge problem with the darbee otherwise I wouldn't care. How can I set this up to get the receiver to trigger the projector? I know you have a Denon obviously, just wasn't sure if the setup was about the same. Thanks!
Well it has always done this since I got it all hooked up. I thought maybe it was just something weird between the receiver (its a Pioneer 1222k) and something with the 12v triggers worked that way. This is all new to me. I have both the receiver and projector plugged into a power center. It's the weirdest thing. Sometimes when the projector will fire up it will start up normally and then right about the time it usually kicks the receiver on the green light on the...
I'm having problems all of a sudden when I power up my projector my receiver isn't powering up with it. When this happens it causes a huge handshake issue between the projector, the darbee and the receiver. It was working just fine and just the other day it quit. Is this a projector question or a receiver question?
I agree... My dilemma was just trying to figure out a way to get the signal into the receiver then let run an hdmi out to the tv. I guess this is where I will just have to go coax to the tv, then optical audio from the tv to the receiver and just live with stereo surround
The dish network box is a VIP 722k like I originally thought. Is there no such thing as a hdmi up-convertor from a coax line? Hell, they seem to make every other kind of convertor out there
I am also on the great debate between the 50" lcd Emerson at WalMart and the 50" led Element at Target. I just need one for my extra game room where the pool table is.
It originates at the satellite box. I will have to look tonight at the model number. It seems like it is a VIP 722k or something like that. It is a dual tuner box and that's where my line comes out of at the sat box.
Here's my dilemma... I have my theater room all setup (will be posting a thread with pics shortly) but I'm having problems deciding what to do with the tv in the game room. My satellite box is in the av cabinet in the theater room but I have the 2nd line ran into the game room via coax cable. I have the game room setup with a separate receiver and some in wall speakers (L, R, C in the front wall besides the tv and 2 in the ceiling over the pool table.) What can I do to...
Did anyone else have this problem that I posted about earlier... Has anyone had the problem with their projector where you start it up it shows the blue screen quickly then goes to a black screen? I notice when it does this the status light isn't green and it isn't red. It is almost a yellowish color. When you try to turn it off with the remote the light will flash a few times then you hear the fan speed up and get loud. The last time it did this it kind of reset itself...
All speakers including the sub? While we are talking about it... What settings does everyone use just to listen to music? Does it really matter what kind of music it is? I listen to everything from rap and hip hop to classic country. These are some of the things I haven't tinkered with on my receiver yet. Thanks
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