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I found a phone number for TSC, who apparently sells parts for Optoma now, but they are now officially out of stock of color wheels forever for the Optoma HD70 projector. Before I roll the device with some vendor in China thru ebay, anyone have a known good source for this part? thanks Brett
Picked up my A3 today at BB and watched HD versions of '300' and 'Bourne Identity'. Both movies looked sharp, clean. Put in an SD 'Ocean's 13' and was less than impressed. Some scenes looked quite terrible. Pixelated sky in some scenes, odd looking colors in others. I haven't done the firmware update yet. Should I expect a big improvement after updating? Also I haven't ordered my HDMI cable so this was using component output. Should I expect a big difference when I...
I've got an Optoma HD70 and I've got a CyberPower UPS that is rated at 230 watts, 425va. If I read the specs on the HD70 right it uses 250 watts, which is around 440va. Now I'm no electrician but that doesn't sound like a good match. My questions is, will my UPS simply not handle the HD70 at all or will it work but I should expect short battery run times? If I use this UPS will I ruin/damage my HD70?
This material is 54" inches wide, right? So that makes it 54" high when I hang it on my wall. If I want a 60" high screen, how do you handle that?
is there a "small" wall-mountable UPS with surge protector? I'm familiar with the large ones for computers but was looking for something a bit smaller. My electrical jack is already installed in the ceiling for my projector and don't really want to put a UPS on the floor and have the cable running up the wall.
I've got my HD70 mounted on the ceiling and now I'm looking for a surge protector that I can mount on the ceiling or on the top of the wall. Nothing too big or too expensive, just something I can plug the projector into. Thanks for your input. Brett
that's an awful lot of keystone correction. I would rather find some way to hide the cables and put it on the coffee table.
Anyone used the "I Fix Ipods Fast" service"? Need to get my wife's Ipod Video fixed.
I think the supply of HD70s is dwindling. I got mine at CC last week and it was the last one in the CC stores in the Houston area and there are zero in the Dallas/Fort Worth CC stores. Seems like people are grabbing these up, maybe because the rebate is ending?
I just ordered the Mount Direct PMS unit for my Optoma DP70 and it's shipping now. From what I read seems like a decent mount and a good price.
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