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Wow. Nice contest. Here are my humble offerings lol!
This item is located in NYC. Best (reasonable and real offer) offer! I have owned this TV since March 2007; I am the original owner. Still looks as good as when I bought it. Includes A/V Console. I have the remote and User Manual. Please ask any and all questions! There is no such thing as a stupid question! Specs: VIDEO: Screen Size 42" Class (41.6" diagonal) Contrast Ratio Up to 10,000:1 Compatible Signal Formats 480p/720p/1080i Aspect Ratio 16:9...
Thanks a bunch!!! I'll try it this evening!!
Thanks for responding...I am a noob so I have no idea how to access signal strength on this box. I assume this is not common knowledge (or rather something TWC wants you to know)? Anyway back in the day when I had RCN I googled my box and found out how to get to the maintenance menu. I will try and look up my current box (sci atl 8300HD DVR). If you know then posting that would be awesome!!!
...to everyone here. Lurker on the site a while but not so much in the thread. But doing a search I found it and all I have to say...I am not alone!!!! But I have always had dropouts, stuttering, pixelation and the GSOD (grey screen of death). Hell the FOX HD feed was GSOD for the Super Bowl (I actually shed a tear). Anyway is this all going to go away when the analog channels go bye bye? Has anyone contacted TWCNYC in regards to this here and gotten a somewhat...
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