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I have had the 7550HD for exactly a year now. I exchanged once after one month of havign it for fan noise. The second unit doesn't have fan noise, but developed static in the center channel about 6 months ago.What should I do? take the risk of exchanging one?
you guys forgot that, for perfect film mode playback of Blu-ray, you need a software that turns refresh rate to 24fps if your GPU supports that.
Check your speak wire connection.. HK is very sensitive to short circuit of speaker wire
can anyone recommend a good simple FM antenna? I couldn't find any info on AV forum here.
May I use this Mohu for FM radio antenna?
Just got it. Super good. improving my sound from analog out of AE 100 times!!!!
big fan noise..
heard any rumors about the successor to 7550hd?
i got a replacement 7550hd. What's the latest firmware? is it 4.43?
I don't have many SACD. However, i want to have a very good "CD Player" for my classical music CD collection. I have a HK 7550HD AVR.. I guess.. I will just use my HK DVD 48 to output digital to my AVR....
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