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[quote name="antrea" url="/t/1526135/please-save-me-from-buying-12-sonos-boxes/30#post_24623329"I seriously think that at the year 2014, given that you have the wiring and speakers in the ceiling/walls,  one could just order a "box".  That box will connect to all your speakers on one hand and to your WiFi and other inputs on the other side.  A cute step by step installation software will "walk" u through the process of defining everything and after an hour or so you will...
Did you connect the Component Video OUTPUTS (not the inputs) on the HC4 to the TV? Did you select the correct inputs on the TV? If the OSD is enabled in the HC4 settings then you should see the OSD on the TV.
My Sonos is for background music. No connection to any of the A/V gear. I no longer sit and listen to music like I used to do.
Did the Elan installer provide or suggest you use these units? It's usually best to stick to products from the list of Elan supported devices. For example I have Axis and Panasonic cameras (on the Elan list) and they work just fine.
Neither the cameras or the DVR appear in the current Elan list of supported units, under those names.Do you know if those units are equivalent to some other brands and models?
Can you get me the model number of the cameras and the Vmax unit?I need to check if Elan has any installation information for those units.Thanks.
A couple of questions: What are you using for cameras? What was the reason for going with the VMax unit rather then using the Elan g! system?
I would not be at all surprised if the "protection" switch simply inserted a resistor in series between the amp and the currently selected speakers. You might consider just using IMVC (impedance matching volume controls) in each room and dispense with the switch. The downside would be having to go to a room to turn down the volume to shutoff that room. You are correct (for the most part) in thinking as you add speakers each speakers gets less power but another factor...
For me the points in favor of Sonos were, among other, simplicity and versatility. Each Sonos unit represents the ability to play a different stream. Using a matrix switch with a single AVR gives you one stream (two if the control system provides a stream) - so if everyone is OK listening to the same music then that's fine. That doesn't work for my family. In summer we have family and friends occupying 1-8 bedrooms - so there is a need for a lot of different streams in...
You use the component out connections on the back of the HC4 to inputs on the TV. You need to be sure the OSD is enabled in the HC4 configuration and the TV is set to the inputs you have the HC4 connected to.
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