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Yes I do.I also updated my system (and HC4) to the latest version 6.5 Build 221.0 Rel - it still works fine.Tell me again what the symptoms are - perhaps a rehash will reveal something - I'm thinking NAS permissions at this point.
Sure but if the house is sold and an inspector finds something like that - well you just never know what the consequences might be.
+1 on the adapter posted - use them all the time - makes changing the configuration of the rs232 connection (male, female, what signals on what pins, etc) simple.
No but there are liability issues to consider.Play it safe and do it according to code - whatever that may be in the OPs area.
If it runs through an air duct of any sort (feed or return) it needs to be plenum rated - and since you don't want to try to splice in a short section just make the whole run plenum rated.
Well first you would have to know how the 890 IR blaster is wired and it's voltage and current requirements. Then you would need the same information for the blaster that comes with the hub to determine if they are electrically compatible and how the wiring might different. Do you have access to any test equipment - say a good multimeter or better yet an oscilloscope?
What are you trying to do?
Plenum cables would be overkill - plenums are spaces in, say, a ceiling, used for air flow - wires for use in those spaces must be certain specifications as to how they behave in a fire - you don't want burning wire to fill the air space with nasty fumes. There are also riser cables and plain old "in-wall" cables They have different, less stringent requirements and are often a good deal cheaper. Just ask for a spool or box of CAT5e (solid conductors) that is not plenum...
I would take the time to run the correct cable. And be sure it is rated for in-wall use.
The only difference between A and B are the colors of the wires used at two locations (they are swapped). As long as BOTH ends are the same it WILL work. If you are not used to punching down wires on jacks it can be easy to make a mistake. You need to get a simple network cable checker - there are all kinds out there starting a $5-$10 bucks (real simple) to a lot more - a couple are shown...
New Posts  All Forums: