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Usually no retailer will PM an out of stock item. But if they do, they'll match the after shipping price. Wait around for Amazon to drop them back down to $100 each with free shipping and no tax for most.
I don't know what other people are saying, I think the floorstanding speakers look very nice. Of course, they're replacing some 19 year old bookshelf speakers on stands that I made haha.
It's curved on both the top/bottom, but they give you some curved rubber "feet" for the bottom. Perhaps you could contact Pioneer and inquire about another set of curved feet for the top.
They just came out so we don't have much historical data on pricing. But, you can use Ookong.com or CamelCamelCamel.com to track prices and email you when the price drops so you can jump on it.
My current speakers and receiver are over 19 years old and one speaker constantly goes in and out so it's time to upgrade. I already ordered the Pioneer 52/22 speakers from Amazon and they'll be here tomorrow. I'd like some advice for a receiver now. I currently run an RCA for audio from the HTPC to the receiver so I only get 2-channel audio and it sounds awful. I also only have two 19 year old Yamaha bookshelf speakers on stands. Without the receiver this is how I stand...
Looks like I ordered yesterday just in time as the price has gone up on Amazon for these.
Is there a section at AVS for asking advice on a receiver for my needs now that I've ordered the 5 Pioneer speakers?
I don't listen to anything super loud. Just normal levels and maybe a tad louder for movies, but we're in a townhouse so we can''t be too loud.
Since the THD seems to be higher on lower end receivers at 6ohms, will it actually be noticeable with these speakers?
What do you guys think of the Klipsch Quintet set for $300 shipped compared to these Pioneers?
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