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Any chance anyone has the 1.7 firmware file? Mine is still rocking 1.2 Thanks
Selling my Optoma 3DXL. Asking $230 (which includes shipping) or I would trade it for a Darbee 5000. Only selling because I upgraded my projector and no longer need it. Comes with pair of Optoma glasses, but needs a new battery. Thanks http://www.optomausa.com/products/detail/3D-XL
Anyone come across any good deals on dlp link glasses today?
And just like that my AMP won't send the signal now. As soon as I switch to 3d, it just keeps looking for signal. If I take the HDMI and plug directly to the projector, all is ok.
Well I got mine today. Arrived with the latest firmware. However the glasses were the first generation ones. My projector is a BenQ MX 511 that I scored for $299.99 from staples this year. My amp is a a Yamaha HTR-3036 3d Ready that i got for $249 this year. My screen is an Elite Screen I purchased from Dell.ca for $99 I have my PS3 and 360 both going through the amp with a single output going to the Optoma 3d-Xl and then a feed to the projector. For me...
Folks I love this forum. I have a 100" screen and a benq mx 511. My 3dxl should be here Monday. One thing I havent seen alot of talk about, is gaming. Can anyone here let me know how well 3d gaming works? Is it worth the investment? I am more into 3d for games than movies. Thanks all Rob
Have had this set for 3 days. Amazed at the picture quality. I upgraded from a 46" samsung LN46a530. The picture quality just blows me, the clarity is fantastic, once you get the settings corrected. Ps3 and 360 look stellar, it has made me throw in some of my older games. Anyway, great thread guys, and I love this forum. Every time I have purchased a new T.V. I consult this forum. Thanks guys. Rob
I would encourage everyone on this forum with this issue to post on the Toshiba forums, an administrator, "Jim" has mentioned that if enough people complain, he will forward all issues to the tech team.
I just spoke with Toshiba tech support on this issue, and of course they have never heard of this problem. Funny thing is that the lady said almost verbatim what the above poster said about a service visit. We bought two of these, one for the family room, and one for the living room. BOTH exhibit the exact same problem. Here is what I found, it is 100% the 120 Hz. If you turn film stabilization off, then the picture if fine. But why would we buy a device that has a...
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