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If you have a TV with a DVI input, will the BD-83 still work if I use an HDMI to DVI cable? I'll run the audio out of the Toslink or coax since my receiver is abot 5 years old and works well. Can't see replacing it--it still works fine. Thanks Sog3
I'm really new at this so do you run the slide CD on screen while people are getting them settled in their seats then take it out and put in the movie or is there a way of just switching from one to the other-I guess you'd need two DVD players in different inputs. Thanks sog3
Thanks Ashu. I'll give it a try this weekend.
Quote: Originally Posted by Scott Tucker Yes, you can set up 2 separate activities. One for one system and another for the other. Scott I'm new at this. How do I control two systems with one remote? Thanks. Sog3
Scott, I don't have an answer, but I do have a question on those same lines--can one remote, mainly the 676, run two independent systems with different equipment? Sog3
Has anyone heard of a price increase for just the HDTV? One of my neighbors heard that they were going up to 10.95 a month.
RichM99, What amplifier did you get?
Great job DJ. My box reads -12db for the HD stations and as long as I keep it there, all the HD stations come in fine. Ch 770-75 will pixelate terribly if I put an amp in the line and it just raises the signal -3db to -9db. Very sensitive! I'm also on the Londonderry line if that matters.
Just wondering, but why are 770-775 so sensitive to signal variations of just a few db?
FYI. I changed the F connector from the the cable to box and all now the HD channels are coming in fine. The only pixelation I get is at the end of movies when they run the credits. This is nothing new. It's been an on going thing. Just by changing the connector and making sure there was a good contact with the box, I gained an extra 5db of signal strength which seems to have made the difference.
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